Colorado Residential Electrical Services

Colorado Residential Electrical Services

Home Remodels and Additions

When we do home remodels and additions, we cater to your needs. All of our work matches or exceeds standard practices. We abide by all national and local codes. We pull the permits and meet with the inspectors. You can have a sense of comfort and security knowing we are 100% concerned about the safety of your home. We assist you from start to finish on your projects and pride ourselves with helping you maintain your schedule and keeping it under budget. We have a plethora of General Contractors who choose and rely on us for their electrical installations.

New Home Construction

We are the "go to guys" for new home construction. Our General Contractors love us! Simply because we do quality work, pass our inspections the first time, keep and maintain construction schedules, and give advice and recommendations to increase productivity and efficiency. If you are a General Contractor please call us and ask for referrals. We have plenty.

Panel Upgrades

We provide panel upgrades when you run out of space on your existing electric panel or live in an older home with the original electrical service. If you have an electrical panel more than 25 years old, it may be time to upgrade. Over time circuit breakers lose their integrity and can fail. Best case is that a breaker will trip too often, worse case is that it doesn't trip at all. If you have an FPE (Federal Pacific Electric), or Zinsco panel we highly recommend upgrading your panel as soon as your budget allows for it. Not all service changes are the same. Each one can be unique and have different costs associated with it. All service changes require a permit! Don't let anyone tell you differently. All service changes require coordination with your utility provider. We handle all of this for you. For more information on these panels go to

Residential Lighting

We love designing residential lighting. And we're great at it! Whether it may be for your kitchen, bathroom, landscape, or other living areas, your lighting is what showcases your home. We've installed countless lighting systems and controls for our customers. We can help you! The final decision of any lighting design always is up to the customer. We're here to make recommendations, give you options and discuss the possibilities. We partner with many lighting suppliers to give our customers thousands of choices for their lighting. We've worked with many interior designers and learned from their experience and training to influence our designs.

Whole House Surge Protection

Every house should have whole house surge protection! You know those little strip surge protectors many of us plug our computers into? Imagine having one of those for your whole house. It protects the investments you've made with all of your electronics and appliances. We install the highest quality surge protectors available. In fact, this manufacturer provides a $25,000 warranty if their unit fails. For more information please visit

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